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SphereNY offers a range of services in Information Security that are adaptable to any sector

1) Keynote and Conference Presentations:  Drive Awareness to your audience through the plain speak, easy to understand presentation that everyone will walk away with remembering at least 1 thing that they can change outside of a new perspective for Security Awareness!

2) Security Awareness Training for your employees:  Adapted to each company and sector, this is a highly personalized course that will result in creating a new defense layer for your company, your employees!

3) Physical Penetration Testing:  We walk right through your front door and provide you with guidance on how your best laid plans to protect yourself with "blinky boxes" fails when its personal.

4) IT OSINT and Security Awareness Training:  In-depth technical course over 2 days that teach's the tools and trade craft for your Blue Teams to learn how to think and behave like an attacker to better protect your company.

5) Personal Information Security:  We have a variety of offerings that provide personal review, guidance and even administration of your household.  If you are looking how to protect your credit, your children our lost in the world of IOT we have the answers you are looking for!